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UpdatedFriday January 3, 2020 byMLGSA.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a coach with the MLGSA. Our organization could would not exist without the numerous volunteers who help run our teams each year. You can apply to become an MLGSA coach during our nomal registration period at our registration page.

All team head coaches and assistant coaches are REQUIRED to complete and submit to the league clearance information pursuant to the Pennsylvania Act 153 of 2014. Below there is a link to the Clearance Requirements document along with a Volunteer Affidavit. Please follow the clearance instructions and submit the required information as directed and thanks for volunteering!

MLGSA Slow Pitch Coach Selection Guidelines

  1. Coaches are selected solely on their ability to provide a positive experience and be a good role model for every player in the league and on the field. Our goal is to make softball a positive experience for every girl who takes the field. Coaches must know the example they set is for all girls in the league.
  2. Incumbency is no guarantee of a future coaching position. Each coach’s performance is evaluated after every season, with input from players, parents, and other coaches.
  3. Each team has two coaches -- a head coach and an assistant coach. Coaches may apply on their own or as a pair. Pairs are encouraged in some of our leagues. Please contact your league director for more information.
  4. All coaches are selected by their League Director(s) and then approved by the MLGSA Board of Directors. They will be accepted or rejected based on the results of this vote.
  5. Each team is allowed to have three adults in the dugout and/or on the sidelines -- two coaches and a team parent. If one coach is missing, two team parents may be in the dugout and/or on the sidelines. These three adults are responsible for all aspects of the game management. No other adults will interact with the team during a game.
  6. Each team is allowed team parents. These parents will be chosen by the team head coach. The head coach will be responsible for the conduct of team parents. Team parents are held to the same conduct standards as the coaching staff. Team parents are permitted to assist at practices and during games as outlined in item 5 at the discretion of the head coach. The league reserves the right to disallow any parent from interaction with a team during league activities. 

MLGSA Coaching Clearance Requirements
MLGSA Volunteer Affidavit
MLGSA Coach Code of Conduct