Drainage System installed at Lincoln Major Field

Updated Saturday April 9, 2016 by MLGSA.

New Drainage system installed at Lincoln Major Field!

MLGSA took another step towards improving the playing surfaces in Mt. Lebanon this spring when it contracted for the installation of a drainage system in Lincoln field.  In the spring of 2015, the association  spent more than $6,000 on the regrading of the entire infield, installing 46 tons of infield mix and removing the lip between the infield and outfield.  While that work improved the field, the next step was to install drainage to ensure water that drained off the now level field didn’t pool near the baselines and dugouts.  PAR-MOR contracting was hired to install 520 feet of a product called Hydro Blox http://www.hydroblox.com/ which ties into the existing storm water runoff system.   Once again,  the association thanks its participants and their families, boosters and sponsors for the years of support that made this project possible. 

See photos here: http://lebosoftball.siplay.com/site/ClientSite/photo_albums_photos/15532