Junior League Playoff Bracket

Updated Tuesday June 26, 2018 by David Bindseil.

2018-06-24 Update- 

Mcellhattan took down the Flamethrowers twice in order to run the table thru the Losers Bracket and pull off a fantastic championship run!  Congrats to thhe Flamethrowers on a great season, and to the 2018 Junior League Tournament Champions, Team Mcellhattan!

2018-06-18 Update- 

Mcellhattan overpowered the Black Panthers to advance to the Championship game 6/24 2PM at Lincoln.  Mcellhattan vs the Flamethrowers!  Thanks to the Black Panthers for a great season!

2018-06-17 Update- 

Mcellhattan took down the Blue Angels and the Flamethrowers defeated the Black Panthers to advance to the Championship game.  Mcellhattan will face the Black Panthers on Tuesday for the right to play the Flamethrowers!  Thanks to the Blue Angels for a great season!

2018-06-15 Update- 

The Blue Angels took down team Naylor, and Mcelhattan did the same against Kavalir on Friday!  Thanks to both Teams Naylor and Kavalir- great season for both squads!

2018-06-13 Update- 

Two great games this evening - thanks to everyone for dancing through the raindrops to get your games in!  The Flamethrowers were able to overcome a tough Naylor Team, and the Black Panthers came from behind in the fourth inning and were able to hold back Team Kavalir.  That sets up two great matches on Friday- The Blue Angels vs Naylor, and Mcelhattan vs Kavalir on Friday, while the Black Panthers will face off against the Flamethrowers on Sunday- can't wait!

2018-06-12 Update- 

Thanks to the Purple Monkeys and Team Hall for great seasons, and congratulations to Teams Mcelhattan and the Blue Angels as the advanced to the next round in impressive fashion.

2018-06-09 Update- 

Nice season to teams Schieman, Major/Tecza, and Cox- great job girls and thanks to the coaches- we are looking forward to seeing them at the All Star Game.  The Cucumbers, Flamethowers, Purple Monkeys, along with Teams Mcelhattan and Hall advanced to the next round of games on 6/12 or 6/13.

2018-06-08 Update- 

Team Pietragallo and Kavalir finished off their extra inning game, with Kavalir taking the game in 7 innings.  The Pink Porcupines took Team Naylor into extra innings before Team Naylor ended the game in the 7th too!  Finally, the Flamethrowers were on fire, taking down Team Mcelhattan.

2018-06-07 Update- 

Almost got back on schedule, Team Pietragallo and Kavalir played a hard fought game to a 6 inning tie last night at Markham Minor... the will finish off their game this evening at 6:00 PM before the regularly scheduled games begin!

2018-06-06 Update- 

Congratulations to the Black Panthers, Teams Mcelhattan, and Naylor who came out on top during some hard fought first round games!  We did an unplayable field that caused our bracket to adjust a bit... see the image for the changed dates/times and check your team's schedule to confirm your next game (c;