Senior League Playoff Bracket

Updated 6/10 10:00 PM

Updated Saturday June 24, 2017 by Dale Elder.

2017-06-24 Update

One game for the championship..  One final Senior League game for the 2017 season

Ziegler @ Purple Buckets - 5pm Dixon, Sunday the 25th.

For those of you that missed it, we got game 1 in on the Middle Turf Friday night, dodging the raindrops and fitting the entire game in between downpour with the Purple Buckets coming from behind to win 9-4.

The Purple Buckets had a chance to close the series out Saturday morning on Dixon, but it was Jeff’s team that came out swinging and brought home a 10-4 win.  (Special thanks to all that worked hard to get Dixon ready).

It’s been a great series and a great way to cap our season.

I hope everyone comes out to watch the game Sunday night.

2017-06-21 Update

After losing their opening game, Jeff Ziegler’s team has rattled off 4 impressive wins to make it to the finals where they will face Joe Perveiler’s Purple Buckets coming off 3 wins to take the winners side of the bracket.

The best of three series starts Friday night at 8pm on Dixon.  If Dixon is unplayable Friday, the game shifts across the parking lot to Middle field at 8pm as well

Game 1-               Ziegler at Perveiler          8pm       Friday                    Dixon

Game 2-               Perveiler at Ziegler          11am     Saturday              Dixon

Game 3                Ziegler at Perveiler          5pm       Sunday                 Dixon (if necessary)

Come out and watch what looks to be a great finals series.

Congratulations to Bernie and his Spicy Pelicans and CJ Girod and his team on great seasons!


2017-06-17 update

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