Major League Playoff Bracket

Championship Friday June 28th at Jefferson

Updated Thursday June 28, 2018 by Wolfe/Ziegler.

Wednes 6/27

Even though this post is a day behind, the ripples still linger from the wet and wild semi-final game last night. After grooming Lincoln for a couple hours, the Orelli team was ready for battle. They had A tough start but one heck of a fight back after a rain stoppage. Heather (entering 10th grade) kept her cool and pitched the entire semi-final game. Great show, Heather!!!! Alayna and Helena had some great hits and RBI’s. Lexi proved herself the most flexible and fierce firstbasewoman in the league. Meg and AG showed off their talents at short and Left field and with the bats! And “oh that catch” by EmmaLynn in RC! Bella, Alex, Kerry, Lyndsay .... Every player gave 120%. Thanks for an amazing season of entertainment fun and talent!
In the end....practically in the dark with yet another storm on the way, Flaherty’s Mean Green-Gang Green held on to win 10-9. Great plays and hard hits by everyone on that team! We get to see them again tomorrow night!

CHECK FACEBOOK for semi final pictures and watch for Inning by Inning updates at tomorrow night’s Championship Game. Flaherty vs Elder’s Ellipses! 6:30 Jefferson Major!


Monday 6/25

6pm-Bella drives in the game winning hit for Orelli with a 14-13 win over Bindseil’s Swamp Monsters. Congrats Black Plague.   Great season, SWAMP MONSTERS! Way to fight! 



8pm Another exciting finish. Elder’s Ellipses’ win 9-8 over Flaherty’s Gang Green. Blue Ellipses play Friday in the championship game. Flaherty's Gang Green plays Black (Orelli's BP) on Wednesday 630pm on Lincoln.  Watch for info if it's rained out.  There are alot of options.


Sunday 6/24

It was a beautiful night for softball. Major League Playoffs elimination games. Big shout out to all the girls,coaches and parents for Perveiler and Herring. Lotsa fun and lotsa heart! Bindseil’s Swamp Monsters defeated Perveiler’s Crimson Demons 16-1. Orelli’s Black Plague defeated Mellow Yellow Herring team 13-4. Bindseil plays Orelli tomorrow 6/25 6pm. Flaherty plays Elder 8pm both on Dixon. 

Monday 6/18 was a great night for softball at Dixon Field. 

Flaherty’s Gang Green (with excellently supported team parents) squeezed in a win over the Swamp Monsters who played one heck of a defensive game. 5-4.
Orelli’s Black Plague almost made it back from a troublesome first few innings but the Ellipses prevailed for a 14-12 defeat.
Sunday 6/24 matchups:
Herring v Orelli at 5pm Dixon
Perveiler v Bindseil at 5pm Middle
Two great games. Let’s get all our players out there for these!
The defeated will be out of the playoffs but never forgotten for their great sportsmanship.  We'll be excited to see them at the Home Run Derby and All Star Game.
The triumphant will need to rise again for the games Monday 6/25 6pm and 8pm at Dixon vs Elder and Flaherty.  So grab your lawn chairs, a few extra H20s and we will see you on the fields Sunday and Monday!