Major League Playoff Bracket

Catch these great games!

Updated Thursday June 21, 2018 by Wolfe/Ziegler.

Monday 6/18 was a great night for softball at Dixon Field. 

Flaherty’s Gang Green (with excellently supported team parents) squeezed in a win over the Swamp Monsters who played one heck of a defensive game. 5-4.
Orelli’s Black Plague almost made it back from a troublesome first few innings but the Ellipses prevailed for a 14-12 defeat.
Sunday 6/24 matchups:
Herring v Orelli at 5pm Dixon
Perveiler v Bindseil at 5pm Middle
Two great games. Let’s get all our players out there for these!
The defeated will be out of the playoffs but never forgotten for their great sportsmanship.  We'll be excited to see them at the Home Run Derby and All Star Game.
The triumphant will need to rise again for the games Monday 6/25 6pm and 8pm at Dixon vs Elder and Flaherty.  So grab your lawn chairs, a few extra H20s and we will see you on the fields Sunday and Monday!


Final PLayOFF brackets 2018 6-20.pdf