Youth Umpires

Updated Saturday March 23, 2019 by Joe P.

MLGSA provides an opportunity each year for a limited number of girls or boys to work as umpires during the season.  This is a great opportunity to earn money, learn responsibility and leadership.  Any girl or boy in the 8th grade or older is eligible to apply.  The girls will umpire Junior league games.  Some girls - selected by the coaches and directors based on thier game feedback - will be eligilbe to umpire in the playoff and all star games. 

New Umpires

Required training is two -  1 hour sessions in April for new umpires.  These trainings will include a handout on the rules as well as as video clips to help new umpires understand the key elements of umpiring.  The training sessions will focus on how to call balls and strikes and how to move around the field to get the best positions for the calls. 

New Umpires are paid $15 per game.

2019 New Umpire Training schedule:

Location Date Time
Lincoln Minor 4/7 1pm to 2pm
Lincoln Minor 4/14 1pm to 2pm

Returning Umpires

Umpires that have been through the training in previous years can attend one 'refresher' meeting prior to the season - but that is optional.  The 'refresher' sessions will be held during the first 15 minutes of any of the New Umpire training dates.   

Returning Umpires that have completed 10 games over any previous season will be paid $20 per game. 


Please ensure you are registered by 3/31 so that you can be included in any communications about the first training.


How to sign up?

To sign up, use the softball registration link.  Choose "Apply to Coach/Volunteer", then choose "youth umpire" as role.

Questions:  email Joe Perveiler at for more information.