Youth Umpires

Updated Wednesday February 22, 2017 by George B.

MLGSA provides an opportunity each year for a limited number of girls or boys to work as umpires during the season.  This is a great opportunity to earn money, learn responsibility and leadership.  Any girl or boy in the 8th grade or above is eligible to apply.  Required training is (3) 2-1/2 hour sessions in late March or early April.

Youth umpires work games in the Junior league only. Pay rates are below, and umpires are paid at the conclusion of the season.  Please see the document below, "so you want to be an umpire" for more information.


0-15 games
$15 per game
16-30 games
31 plus games


To sign up, use the softball registration link.  Choose "Apply to Coach/Volunteer", then choose "youth umpire" as role.


So You Want to Be an Umpire.pdf