Happy New Year!

UpdatedTuesday February 4, 2020 byMLGSA.

Happy New Year to all of our players, parents and volunteers! 2020 is going to be a good one for Lebo Girls Softball, and, believe it or not, spring registration is just around the corner. (We're about two to three weeks away from flipping the switch.)

As usual, we have a newly elected Board of Directors for 2020. So if you have any questions or issues during the year, get in touch with any of the folks below! (Their emails are all listed on our Board of Directors/Contact Us page.)

President – Scott Ritenour
Vice President of Slow Pitch – Pete Damron
Vice President of Fast Pitch – Tom Langston
Secretary / Web Coordinator – Bob Taylor
Treasurer – Dave Bindseil
Field Coordinator – Mike Shanahan
Major League Director – Jeff Ziegler
Senior League Director – Pete Damron
Junior League Director – Joe Perveiler
Instructional League Director – John Morgan
First Grade League Director – Charlie Chulack

Thanks to everyone on that list for volunteering their time to make sure Mt. Lebanon Girls Softball will run as smoothly as possible this year!