A Summer Softball update: Major/Senior League registrations are open

UpdatedSaturday June 27, 2020 byMLGSA.

With Allegheny County now in the green phase of the state’s reopening plan, the Mt. Lebanon Girls Softball Association has begun making plans for a potential shortened slow-pitch softball season for girls who have just completed grades 6 through 12. The season would start as soon as we have access to our fields and end in early August.

While the details are still being hashed out, we are opening registration now to ensure we’ll have enough players to run a proper league. The registration fee is $50, which will cover umpires, field use, equipment, etc. Team shirts will not be included with this registration. You can register now by clicking on the registration banner at the top of our home page. Technically, you will be signing up for a waiting list, but rest assured that all girls who get on the list will be entered into the league to play. (We set it up this way so that no parents are charged a registration fee until the season is finalized and underway.)

Here are some answers to what we expect will be the most common questions:

Q: When will the season start?

A: As soon as we have permission from the municipality and school district to start using the fields. We have already submitted the first draft of a safety plan and are currently working on a revised draft we hope will be approved. Our plan is to have teams on those fields less than a week after getting the green light.

Q: When will the season end?

A: Games are expected to be played through at least Aug. 9th.

Q. What safety precautions will the MLGSA be taking to keep our players, coaches and families safe?

A. Using recommendations already laid out by USA Softball as a guide, we plan to incorporate a number safety precautions to keep our players safe in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Just a few of those precautions include:

  • No sharing of equipment
  • Half-hour “turnover” times in between games so four teams aren’t at the same location at once
  • Social distancing in the dugout areas
  • Hand sanitizer made available to all teams
  • Limiting attending family members at games to only two per player
  • Not allowing the use of bleachers at the fields that have them

A complete list of safety measures will be posted once teams are drafted and games are about to begin.

Q. What happened to the Instructional and Junior Leagues for 1st through 5th graders?

A. Unfortunately, it would be much harder for our younger teams to comply with recommended social-distancing and health mandates, so at this time we are only offering leagues for girls who just completed 6th grade and up. We will continue to track state health recommendations and hope to offer something for our younger players when it becomes feasible to do so.

Q. What about fast pitch?

A. While we have no official plan to announce at this time, we have been closely monitoring the return of fast-pitch league play and hope to offer a fast-pitch option sometime soon. We also are planning to field our usual fast-pitch travel teams this fall.

Q. What will the structure of the slow-pitch summer league be?

A. At the moment, we are planning to organize two leagues with the usual age requirements: Majors (just completed 9th through 12th grades) and Seniors (just completed 6th through 8th grades). There may be opportunities for some girls who just finished 8th grade to play for one of the Major League teams. (If interested, please check that box during registration.) The league format could change based on the number of registrations received.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us on our Facebook page or email us at MLGSA@lebosoftball.org.