COVID-19 Rules and Guidance

UpdatedThursday April 15, 2021 byMLGSA.

MLGSA 2021 COVID-19 Rules
Coaches and Volunteers:
  • Must conduct daily personal symptom assessments. Anyone experiencing symptoms or a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher must stay home.
  • Must adhere to physical six-foot distancing at all times possible and avoid congregating during down time.
  • Will direct players, coaches and spectators to promptly leave the facility after games and practices.
  • Should wear a face covering when interacting with players, coaches and umpires.
  • Must assess the conditions of his players before and during the games. If someone appears to be ill, the coach must immediately stop the game and have the player leave the facility with his or her parents/guardians.
  • Should clean their hands with provided sanitizer frequently.
  • Arrange for players to bring portable seating to extend the dugout area.
  • Communicate staggered pick up and drop off procedures for practice and games. (Coaches to arrange these times and places prior to practices or games.)
  • Ensure that athletes are not congregating while awaiting pick up or drop off.
  • Pickups and drop offs should remain outside. Parents should not enter the facility.
  • Must conduct daily symptom assessments (self-evaluation). Anyone experiencing symptoms must stay home.
  • Must abide by the 6-feet distancing rule while not in the field of play.
  • Must bring a face mask or covering with them to all practices and games. Some of our players may be required to wear them while in the field of play.
  • Should wear face coverings while not actively participating in the field of play.
  • Must bring their own water/beverage container, marked with their name. There will be no team water coolers or shared drinking stations. 
  • Must not share equipment with other players.
  • Should only travel to the venue alone or with a member(s) of their immediate household.
  • Must observe no touch rules and refrain from high fives, handshake lines, and other physical contact with teammates, opposing players, coaches, umpires and fans. Sportsmanship is still vital, so we will require a “tip of the cap” following the game in lieu of the handshake line.
  • Spitting of all forms will be prohibited. This includes spitting seeds, water, etc. We will also be prohibiting gum/candy/food in the dugouts and playing area.
  • Must conduct daily symptom assessments (self-evaluation). Anyone experiencing symptoms must stay home.
  • Must abide by 6-feet social distancing requirements.
  • Will not be permitted to sit near the backstop, dugouts, or on the bleachers. They should spread out along the left and right field lines, or the outfield fence line where possible.
  • Will not be permitted in the dugouts or field of play.
  • Parents should refrain from attending practices, or volunteering to assist with coaching.
  • Face coverings are strongly recommended for all spectators, but especially those considered at higher risk for contracting COVID-19.
In the event an athlete, coach or official falls ill, the MLGSA will implement the following plan:
  • Notify all families with players associated with the ill party and recommend that everyone self-monitor and self-assess for Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Suspend practices and/or games of impacted players, as deemed necessary.

For more recommendations on things we all can do to stay safe while playing softball during the COVID-19 pandemic, please download the below PDF file:

MLGSA Summer 2020 COVID Guidance