Update on our Summer Softball programs and new safety measures

UpdatedSunday July 5, 2020 byMLGSA.

With all the new health mandates coming from the state and county levels, we’re sure many of you have questions about how these will affect our Summer Softball programs. Here is what we’re doing to provide safe summer leagues that meet the new criteria.

To comply with Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s statewide mask mandate, we are now requiring that all players bring a face mask with them to all MLGSA practices and games. Some of our players may be required to wear them while in the field of play. Coaches will make that determination at the fields.

Our Major and Senior League teams took the weekend off but will return to the fields tomorrow, Monday, July 6th. To comply with the Allegheny County Health Department order limiting groups to no larger than 25 individuals, we will be holding practices only – with no games – through July 12th. Games are expected to resume starting July 13th.

We are also planning to have our Junior League program up and running by that date. Parents who registered a player for our Junior League summer program should receive an update soon.

Additionally, the Allegheny County Health Department is now recommending that anyone who travels outside the state quarantine for 14 days if possible. While we have no official policy based on that recommendation, we would ask that any of our players who have recently vacationed out of state in a heavily populated or high-risk area consider self-quarantining before participating in any MLGSA events. We trust our families to make good decisions in this regard and help keep all of our players safe.